We are a family owned business founded in 1984 by Mr. Maximilian Mikl in the then home car garage.

It began in the manufacture of knives for the paper and wood industries. In 1985, we were the first company in Yugoslavia of that time to begin grinding diamond tools (PKD tools) for machining copper, glass and marble. This continued for another three years, then slowly came to its own development of diamond (PKD) blades, first for machining copper and glass, then for turning Aluminum. We have also slowly made progress in the development of diamond (PKD) tools or milling cutters, which were used in the production of skis in the then and now known company ELAN.

Thus, the development of the market itself has led us to develop and expand. In 1998, we acquired a new machine for grinding diamond (PKD) tools, and two years later wire erosion, which helped us to start manufacturing diamond shaped (PKD) blades.

Then in 2001, my father and the founder of the company, Mr. Maximilian, so my sister Alenko and I decided to continue the guidelines that he set, and thus continue the tradition and planned goals. After a difficult start, in 2006, we purchased the first machine for the production and grinding of hardwood tools, first for the production of PKD tool holders themselves, and then for the processing and grinding of hardwood milling cutters. The expansion of the company, both machines and employees, also required larger premises, which is why in 2009 we built our own premises, where our production and operations have continued since then.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.